Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler

Author, Television Personality and Journalist

Bruce Feiler's keynotes focus largely upon his faith-based works upon which he has garnered quite a fanbase. As a New York Times bestselling author, Feiler has released nine books, the majority of which have become bestsellers in the nonfiction category. On top of his work as an author, Feiler is also the writer and presenter of the PBS mini-series 'Walking the Bible' -- a faith-based television show.

Educated in his undergraduate education at Yale University, Feiler went on to achieve his Master's from the University of Cambridge. His book titled 'Looking for Class' follows his time at the English school studying International Relations.

Aside from the overarching theme of faith in his works, Feiler also explores different cultures and other lifestyles across the world. He wrote 'Learning to Bow' on his time teaching in rural Japan and 'Under the Big Top' on the year he spent with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus as a clown.

He is currently an author, television personality on his PBS series, and New York Times columnist.

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