Bruce Himelstein

Bruce Himelstein

Hospitality Professional

The Bruce Himelstein presentations provide a window to many of the issues that are currently plaguing the business world. Himselstein addresses the pressing need to undo corporate hierarchies while also paying attention to the crises of luxury goods in a faltering economy in addition to the significance of improving customer service.

Himselstein received his education from State University of New York College at Geneseo. Since then, he has become a veteran in the hospitality industry. As the marketing leader behind multiple Ritz-Carlton Hotel campaigns for seven years, Himelstein rose to success as the divisions corporate senior vice president. This remarkable position was preceded by his position with Marriott International where he worked as the senior vice president of sales.

Bruce Himselstein's presentations are particularly compelling due to his noteworthy rise up through the hospitality ranks. Although he started out as a bellman, he has demonstrated the value and relevancy of hard work.

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