Bruce Nussbaum

Bruce Nussbaum

Professor, Author, Writer, Designer,

The Bruce Nussbaum keynotes discuss the need to approach problems with reworked and updated ideas, rather than innovative new ideas. Nussbaum believes that as more time is spent on a concept the creativity that initially existed fades away.

As a professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons The New School of Design, daily Nussbaum lectures about innovation, while possessing a unique perspective on its purpose and effects. Previous to this position, Nussbaum was the assistant managing editor and contributing editor for BusinessWeek's design and innovation reporting. In terms of his education, Nussbaum holds a degree in political science from Brooklyn College, as well as a Master's in political science from the University of Michigan.

Due to his efforts in both design and innovation, Nussbaum was named one of the '40 Most Powerful People in Design' by I.D. Magazine. He was also awarded the 'Person Recognition Award' from the Industrial Designers Society of America and the 'John F. Nolan Award' by the Design Management Institute. Nussbaum authored two books -- 'The World after Oil: the Shifting Axis of Poer and Wealth and Good Intentions' and 'Good Intentions.' In 2002 and 2004, Nussbaum's thought-provoking essays were featured in 'The Best Business Stories of Year.'

Through brainstorming in a strategic way and using existing ideas, the Bruce Nussbaum keynotes promote more efficient and effective techniques to garnering well-thought out design concepts.

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