Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier

Chief Technology Officer at BT Managed Security Systems

The keynotes by Bruce Schneier look to inform audiences on the discrepancy about what security actually is and what it is perceived to be through an economic and psychological lens.

Schneier attended the University of Rochester to obtain a bachelor's degree in physics before completing his master's degree in computer science at the American University in Washington. Though he did not go to school for additional education, the University of Westminster awarded him an honorary Ph.D for his astounding work in print.

Schneier founded BT Managed Security Systems and is currently its chief technology officer.

He authored the bestseller Applied Cryptography amongst other books that reveal the secret science of code-writing and other security algorithms. For this, he has garnered international acclaim and notoriety from established Homeland Security departments. His work has been published in many magazines including The New York Times, The Guardian, Forbes and Wired. He also upkeeps his own online newsletter and blog 'Crypto-Gram' and 'Schneier on Security,' respectively.

The revealing keynotes by Bruce Schneier shine a light on the misconception of security, clearing differentiating between what we feel and what is reality.

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