Bruce Turkel

Bruce Turkel

CEO of Turkel

As the CEO of the brand management firm Turkel, Bruce Turkel's keynotes focus largely upon his experience in the realm of creating brand loyalty. The focus of Turkel's firm is within the travel, tourism and healthcare sectors. From this, Turkel's role has been to know what keeps customers coming back and what experiences people are looking for.

Previous to his experience with Turkel, Bruce Turkel worked as an Art Director at Creative Directors from 1980-1982. Following his experience there, he went on to work as an Art Director at MJD Universal until 1983. Having a creative background has no doubt assisted Turkel in using creative methods to determining what works with customers and how best to serve them to keep them returning to a certain brand.

His formal education, a BFA/BD in Design and Political Science from the University of Florida in 1980, reflects the creative streak that he has brought to his work. Upon forming Turkel in 1983, the brand management firm is celebrating a lengthy 29 years of success. Bruce Turkel's keynotes draw upon knowledge of what consumers are looking for in a brand and what that brand in return has to be able to deliver.

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