Bruno Pieters

Bruno Pieters

Fashion designer, Art director

The Bruno Pieters speeches on transparency and making socially conscious decisions in retail speak highly of humanity and all living creatures. It is clear he goes to great lengths in his personal life to live with integrity and to make choices, whether in his diet or purchases, that reflect his values. After taking a two year sabbatical from the fashion industry, the designer launched Honest in 2012, the only 100% transparent company. This means they make information available on topics from material origins and price calculations to whether clothing is organic, vegan, skin-friendly or recycled.

The following year he released his first-ready-to-wear line in Paris. The critically acclaimed designer also served as the creative director at Delvaux from 2005 to 2009. In 2007, he became the art director for Hugo Boss's avant garde line, Hugo. This is when Pieters began his own line, before taking a break in 2011. During his sabbatical he also collaborated with Weekday, owned by H & M.

The Bruno Pieters speeches are more meaningful knowing the experience he's had in his industry while still standing by his values and encouraging others to make purchases based on the brand's behavior and transparency.

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