Bruno Torturra

Bruno Torturra

Activist, Journalist and Broadcaster

The Bruno Torturra keynotes explore media topics in the field of broadcasting and journalism. Thanks to the accelerated rate of technology, Torturra has found a way to harness the filming capabilities of smartphones to help fight injustices.

A majority of Torturra's journalism career was spent working as the editor-in-chief for Trip Magazine. Now Torturra is the founder of Media Ninja, an organization dedicated to broadcasting social injustices on a global scale. The company states that it has a partial perspective since no one has the ability to be fully impartial. Media Ninja shares up-to-date footage and crowdsourced images on its site.

Each of the Bruno Torturra keynotes will inspire audiences to look at the abundance of technology that surrounds them and find a way to leverage it to create dramatic social change.

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