Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman


The Camille Seaman keynotes examine the stunning photographs that she has captured over her photography career. Seaman strongly believes in capturing photographs that articulate that humans are not separate from nature.

Currently, Seaman is a photographer and explorer for Camille Seaman Photography. Her photographs have been featured in prestigious publications including 'National Geographic' and 'TIME' magazine. She also regularly teaches photographic and self-publishing workshops. In terms of her education, Seaman graduated from with a Bachelor's degree in the Fine Arts Photography Program from the State University of New York at Purchase.

As a result of photographic works, Seaman received awards including 'National Geographic Award' and the 'Critical Mass Top Monograph Award.' In honor of her stunning photography career, Seamon was honored in 2008 with a solo exhibit titled 'The Last Iceberg' at the National Academy of Sciences. Her works are often recognized, as Seaman is known to use multiple film formats and angles of perspective when capturing icebergs.

Throughout the Camille Seaman keynotes, she advocates the importance of recognizing the relationship between humans beings and their natural surroundings.

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