Camronn Huff

Camronn Huff

Co-Founder of Personality Hacker

Innovation and the two types of people required for it to happen are explored in the keynotes by Camronn Huff. Huff is the co-founder of a consulting organization that goes by the name of 'Personality Hacker.' The company aims to help people not only identify the type of personality they have, but also how to make it work most efficiently for them in both the personal and professional spheres of life. The company boasts an impressive clientele including Zappos, Voyage Media and Hot Topic Media.

Huff played an integral role in the organization and execution of a Tedx event in Sin City, where he also served as one of the main speakers. The keynotes by Camronn Huff provide audiences a fascinating examination of the role personalities play in the professional sphere of life, particularly innovation.

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