Carolyn Raffensperger

Carolyn Raffensperger

Executive Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network

Speeches by Carolyn Raffensperger are passionate and motivated by the speaker's involvement in environmental causes.

Raffensperger, who is both an M.A. and a J.D., works as an environmental lawyer specializing in cases with regard to pollution and protection. A demanding presence with a strong messages about the changes that need to be made to turn the future of Earth around, Carolyn is a booming and confident voice in her area of expertise, and an authority when it comes to topics of environmentalism. Raffensberger has worked on many important published papers dealing with topics with regard to environmental protection which have been published by MIT Press.

Coming from a place of experience in regard to environmental causes, speeches by Carolyn Raffensperger are ideal for eco-conscious events.

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