Carolyn Steel

Carolyn Steel

Author, Architect, Speaker

Keynotes by Carolyn Steel focus on educating individuals on the transportation and production of food and the construction of modern-day cities. She believes that using food can allow one to "read" and understand the inner working of a city.

Prior to her current position, she was a studio director of the Cities, Architecture and Engineering programme at the London School of Economics, as she possesses an avid interest in architecture and understanding the make-up of cities and marketplaces, as well as the logistics behind feeding a city.

Steel has also coordinated design studios at the London School of Economics and at Cambridge University, where her 'Food and City' course is a mandatory credit for the degree program. Steel has also authored 'Hungry City,' a book that examines the journey food takes from production to table tops. Similarly to her books, keynotes by Carolyn Steel examine food as a means of understanding how cities work, thrive and function.

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