Carvens Lissaint

Carvens Lissaint

Performance Artist, Poet, Member of Hip Hopera Theater Troupe

The keynotes by Carvens Lissaint emphasize cheaper fees for post-secondary education. Carvens Lissaint believes that post-secondary education has become unaffordable in the United States and that more bursaries need to be offered.

Carvens Lissaint grew up in the Upper West Side Harlem, New York, and at a young age he became an established spoken word artist. He won many poetry competitions across the United States, and he began a career in musical theater in 2007. He is a member of the Hip Hopera Theater troups, and his one-man show 'Walk' was revealed at the Hip Hop Theater Festival in 2009.

The keynotes by Carvens Lissaint identify the importance of education, and taking action for youth and students. His emphasis and drive to help young students is truly inspiring, and he targets important issues affecting youth today.

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