Catherine Mohr

Catherine Mohr

Direct of Medical Research at Intuitive Surgical

The keynotes by Catherine Mohr enlighten audiences on the environmental consciousness of society, citing efforts to conserve energy as requiring commitment and determination.

Mohr attended MIT for her BS and MS in mechanical engineering. In her early years she studied the development of alternate energy vehicles as well as high efficiency fuel systems. She later attended Stanford School of Medicine where she founded a company to support her medical invention, the LapCap. She currently is the Consulting Assistant Professor in the department of surfer at the Stanford School of Medicine as well as is the Director of Medical Research at Intuitive Surgical.

The committees that Mohr has served on include the Blue World Alliance, the American College of Surgeons and the Association of Women Surgeons.

By speaking about topics surrounding the value of technology to humans to reducing one's carbon footprint, the keynotes by Catherine Mohr are a superb resource for all things to do with cutting-edge medical technology.

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