Cathy Benko

Cathy Benko

Vice Chairman & Managing Principal at Deloitte LLP

The Cathy Benko speeches focus on employee engagement tactics, primarily her signature ‘Corporate Lattice’ model, as well as her ‘Mass Career Customization’ tool. Benko is a Harvard Business School University graduate, with a Master's degree who is currently the Vice Chairman & Managing Principal at Deloitte LLP.

She has received numerous awards and recognition from publications such as the ‘25 Most Influential Consultants’ in Consulting Magazine and the San Francisco Business Times awarded her with the title of 'Forever Influential' as a female leader.

Benko has also co-authored bestselling books including, ‘Connecting the Dots: Aligning Projects with Objectives in Unpredictable Times,’which was published by Harvard in 2003, and most recently, ‘The Corporate Lattice: Achieving High Performance in the Changing World of Work,’ which was published by Harvard in 2010.

She is also part of a few advisory boards, including the Harvard Business School’s Alumni Association/Northern California board and the Consulting Magazine’s advisory board. The Cathy Benko speeches are sure to provide organizations with 21st century implementation tactics to attain more productive working environments.

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