Cathy Brooks

Cathy Brooks

Founder, Executive Producer

The Cathy Brooks keynotes examine how individuals can best prepare for upcoming presentations. In particular, Brooks provides practical and strategic advice that will allow business proposals or meetings to be conducted smoothly.

Brooks is currently the Founder of San Franscisco-Based consulting firm Other Than That Consult/Story Navigation. Her work with this firm allows Brooks to engage globally with clientele looking to connect with their customers. Previously, Brooks held the position of Business Developer at 'Seesmic' and as a Content Curator 'LeWeb3.'

She was also the Executive Producer at Guidewire Group, a marketing intelligence firm with a global reach. Brooks' Journalism, English and History Degree from Northwestern University allowed her to concisely communicate with businesses and clients. Brooks is well-known for her workshops and seminars that focus on engaging clients and employing the use of storytelling. She also created and hosted 'I of Innovation,' while at Guidewire group, a weekly television show, which discussed the makers behind the latest technologies.

Offering advice that anyone preparing for a presentation will benefit from, the Cathy Brooks keynotes are full of informative and helpful tips.

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