Charlie Hartwell

Charlie Hartwell

Operating Partner of the The Bridge Builders Collaborative

Detailing methods for more effectively enacting change and empowering oneself and one's team are major focuses of the speeches that have been given throughout Charlie Hartwell's keynote career.

As the co-founder of numerous organizations such as Provide International and yourexpedition, the speaker has made a name for himself through his ability to motivate his teams to the point where they are able to function effectively even in his absence.

The speaker attended Harvard Business School, where he completed his M.B.A, and Brown University, where he attained his B.A. in Organizational Behavior and Management, before working in marketing for several years. His role as marketing manager at H. J. Heinz and The Pillsbury Company allowed him to learn the ropes of the corporate world and hone in on solutions that lead to prosperity within those companies and can then be applied to outside industries.

His current role as the Operating Partner of the growth capital fund The Bridge Builders Collaborative allows for the knowledge garnered from encounters with entrepreneurs to be infiltrated into the seminars presented in Charlie Hartwell's keynote career.

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