Charlie Hoehn

Charlie Hoehn


The keynotes by Charlie Hoehn provide alternative career strategies and advice to young adults to get recession-proof jobs. Charlie Hoehn identifies the necessary steps to get interesting projects and offers alternatives to the linear career models.

Charlie Hoehn earned a degree in business administration, marketing and media studies from Colorado State University. He worked as a director of communications for AwayFind, as a manager for Kiwi Kite, LLC and as a director of special projects for Alta Malbec, Inc. He is currently working as an entrepreneur, and has worked with numerous bestselling authors, and has done work in film.

The keynotes by Charlie Hoehn captivate audiences and teach young adults a new way to work. His re-creation of the rules to success help young graduates get the jobs that they want, and learn the necessary skills that are in high demand.

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