Cheryl Eaton

Cheryl Eaton

Professor, Speaker, Founder

The Cheryl Eaton keynotes examine creativity and how unconventional thinking can ultimately encourage innovation and business growth. Eaton believes that over-thinking and reliance on logic can stunt innovation, while a more unbridled approach will breed creativity and success. As the founder of 'Wild Genius,' a group that aims to unleash the proclaimed "wild genius" in individuals and their companies, Eaton understands the importance of creativity. Prior to this position, Eaton was a director of strategy and partner at Kelliher Samets Volk and held a professorial position at the Marlboro College Graduate School's Sustainable Business program.

In terms of her education, Eaton earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Brandeis University and an Master's in Sustainable Business from Marlboro College. Eaton prides herself of offering insightful marketing and communication strategies for businesses big and small. As a result of her extensive knowledge and innovation, Time Warner and New Balance have consulted with Eaton, in hopes of refreshing and reinventing their brands.

Offering an alternative perspective and approach that throw logic to the wind, the Cheryl Eaton keynotes advocate for liberated minds and unbridled ideas.

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