Cheryl Perkins

Cheryl Perkins

Founder of Innovationedge

Presentations by Cheryl Perkins are as cutting-edge as one might expect from an innovation leader.

Perkins, who founded her own company, Innovationedge, in 2007, is recognized as an influential leader in the future of business. Cheryl, who earned an MS in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, held a number of high-profile positions prior to founding her own company, including a long stint as the Chief Innovation Officer at Kimberly Clark Corporation. Innovationedge, Perkins' biggest claim to fame, is a business consultancy company that seeks to facilitate and encourage innovation in the workplace.

Much like their presenter, presentations by Cheryl Perkins are invigorating, engaging and breathe new life into tired audiences. Sure to impress and encourage listeners to get outside of their comfort zone, these speeches are a must-see for business-minded individuals.

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