Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd

Author, Editor, Graphic Designer

Unbelievably entertaining and incredibly thought-provoking, keynotes by Chip Kidd are what one might expect from an eccentric graphic designer.

Most famous for his iconic book cover creations, Kidd, who graduated with a degree in Art from Pennsylvania State University, is a recognized figure in the world of graphic design. One of the most innovative artists of his time, Kidd is an experienced artist with a knack for effectively explaining his ideas in an entertaining way. Currently the Associate Art Director of Knopf, Kidd has proven himself to be a consistently leading artist in the field of graphic design.

Keynotes by Chip Kidd are interesting to those outside of his field because he is able to explain that his success comes from creating meaningful cultural connections. Explaining the importance of relevance, speeches by Chip Kidd have something to offer a wide range of audiences.

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