Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Founder, Author

The Chris Brogan keynotes promote the need to engage with social media networks in order to build strong relationships between individuals and their contact. Brogan believes that social networks have changed the way individuals interact and share and they should therefore be implemented in business initiatives.

As the founder of Human Business Works, Brogan provides large companies with strategic business advice on how to develop themselves in the digital world. He is also the cofounder of PodCamp, a media conference series that explores the use of media tools to build value and community relationships. Boasting 12 years of experience with social media, social communities and online networks, Brogan possesses an extensive knowledge of technological engagement.

As an author Brogan has written multiple books that discuss the rise of social media in the business realm including the New York Times bestselling 'Trust Agents' and 'Social Media 101.' Brogan's work has also been featured in other social media-oriented publications .

The Chris Brogan keynotes suggest that companies actively engage with their consumers, so that they feel seen and appreciated leading to a more prominent profit margin.

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