Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan


A discussion of mass consumer culture and the detrimental impacts that pollution and human interaction are having on the planet are addressed in Chris Jordan's keynotes.

The photographer, mixed-media artist and cultural activist often creates pieces from garbage and other waste to expose his audiences to global issues including everything from pollution and increasing waste accumulation to the after-effects of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

He has received honorable mention many times, including a fellowship award from the Society for Contemporary Photography and the Green Leaf Award from the Nobel Peace Center. Chris Jordan's keynotes, as well as his art exhibitions, promote the belief that people should take a more active role in the world events that are occurring around them. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and then attended Law School and worked as a corporate lawyer for a short time before devoting his attention to photography.

His work is both engaging and thought-provoking and his approach to the green movement is one that is both respectful of his audiences while also being evocative and touching.

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