Christian Nold

Christian Nold

Author of Mobile Vulgus

The Christian Nold keynotes look to reappraise city maps to be more representative of human life by projecting people's own experiences onto the physical environments around them.

Nold graduated from the Royal College of Art with a degree in Interaction Design in 2004. He then became a university lecturer at the Institute of Digital Art and Technologies and at South Bank University. He authored the book 'Mobile Vulgus,' which focuses on crowd policing, in addition to having completed many interactive mapping projects, such as 'Bio Mapping' and 'Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities.' He has been awarded the SciArt Award from Wellcome Trust in recognition of his work.

Nold has just finished up his Bijlmer Euro Project and is now based in Bartlett, the University College London.

By presenting the notion of using sensation and perception to document the surrounding world, the Christian Nold keynotes reveal a completely different way that cities can be represented.

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