Christian Rudder

Christian Rudder

Co-Founder, President, Author

The keynotes by Christian Rudder reveal an intelligent young man with a knack for business. After graduating from Harvard University in 1998, where he obtained a degree in mathematics, Rudder went on to become a content creator for He quickly moved up the ranks, becoming creative director of the website in March 2001.

The site was soon acquired by Barnes & Noble, after which Rudder and his fellow colleagues began work on their own project: a little website now known as OkCupid. The dating service launched in 2004. After several years of operations, a follow-up blog, OkTrends, was created. This website organized and compiled the data collected by OkCupid in order to form statistical observations.

OkTrends was temporary put on hold as Rudden penned his book Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking). The book is based on the premise of the blog.

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