Christopher C. Deam

Christopher C. Deam


Christopher C. Deam's keynotes reflect his impressive resume surrounding his work in architecture and design. His rise to prominence began when he remodelled the classic Airstream, garnering him quite a following of his architectural and design work. Alongside his work on the Airstream, Deam has also worked with other major brands including Target.

Deam earned his Master's Degree from the University of Notre Dame and has since studied in both the United States and Italy. His work has been recognized with many Good Design Awards including for his Airstream trailer in 2000 and his Water Station in 2003. He has also received the honor of being "one of the 21 rising stars for the 21st century" by the USDA by Metropolitan Home.

Christopher C. Deam's keynotes offer audiences fascinating dialogue on the complexities of the design industry.

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