Chuck Close

Chuck Close


The Chuck Close speeches touch upon the value and implications of art during times of crises. Economic crashes and political upheavals have been witness to some of the world's most epic creations, and though most would not pick up on this reality, Close has maintained its relevancy and significance.

Close is known for his detailed work as a painter and photographer. His canvas-based imitations of snapshots have aided the development of 'photorealism,' a niche genre that prides itself on merging disparate forms of visual art. His acute level of sophistication coincides with his 1962 graduation from the University of Washington where he attained a B.A. He later went on to pursue an MFA graduate degree at Yale University in 1964.

The mass interest that has been tied to Chuck Close's speeches are reflective of his long list of achievements. His Fulbright grant and professorial position at the University of Massachusetts have gone hand in hand with his exhibits at the New York Museum of Modern Art, not to mention his acceptance of the 2000 National Medal of Arts.

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