Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop


The Cindy Gallop keynotes bring up a contemporary issue that now plagues human sexuality. Pornography has become increasingly available via online websites, and its graphic nature has altered the way in which many men comprehend intercourse. As many of the productions demean women, the implications are considerable, especially since the movies and films are progressively being used as educational tools.

Gallop's expertise on the subject of intimacy stems from her English literature studies at Oxford's Somerville College. She was however involved in a variety of fields prior to her engagement with the pornography industry as an advertising head with the Ted Bates organization in 1985. She later joined the ranks of the J Walter Thompson, Gold Greenlees Trott and Bartle Bogle Hegarty groups where she managed advertising accounts with Coca-Cola, Polaroid and Ray Ban.

The concise Cindy Gallop keynotes hone in on her present concern with the need to squash myths spread by pornography, and this is precisely what her Make Love Not Porn website does. Her intense commitment to gender and advertisement alike have led to her collaborations with The Next Bid Idea, TED and MIPTV.

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