Claire Leppord

Claire Leppord


The Claire Leppord talks on problems with the school system discuss the difference between knowledge and education. The University of Oregon student was home schooled until the age of 16, when she started college. Her parents made the decision not to send Claire or her younger brother to school and purposely did not implement a curriculum of any kind. Rather than being shuttled from class to class, Claire was able to follow her passions and learn more about any subject that interested her. This allowed her to learn about a wide variety of topics in life, before she decided she was interested in going to a post-secondary institution. She passed the GED to do so, and is currently studying abroad for one year at the School of International Studies at Waseda University.

She is extremely interested in anthropology and medicine and has plans to attend medical school and research pediatric cancer. The Claire Leppord talk on learning gives confidence she will not have issues reaching these goals.

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