Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson

Author of the Information Diet

The keynotes by Clay Johnson liken the fight for a healthy food diet to the battle for a healthy information diet.

Johnson graduated from the University of Rhode Island. While in school he created HumanSearch, a human-powered question-answering website. He served briefly as a technologist at One of Johnson's biggest career moves was that he co-founded Blue State Digital, which managed Barack Obama's online campaign. He then became the director at Sunlight Labs at Sunlight foundation. There he worked to make the U.S. government more transparent in their records. Johnson has been recognized for his work in tech circles with most recent CampaignTech Innovator award in 2011.

He has authored a title, Information Diet, which also spawned his most recent project

Coming from a background of media development, politics and entrepreneurism, the keynotes by Clay Johnson dish unique insights on the information culture of today.

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