Colin Stokes

Colin Stokes

Director of Communications for a Non-Profit Organization

Colin Stokes' keynotes focus on media and specifically how film represents different people and what it teaches children. Stokes is the Director of Communications for Citizen Schools, a non-profit dedicated to expanding education for middle school children in low-income communities.

A former actor and father of two and a promoter of education, Stokes is keenly aware of the effect media has on children, and at looks the portrayal of both men and female characters in children's/family movies. He is also interested in in the focus or lack thereof given to characters of color in film, specifically as leads, and how male Caucasian characters are treated in film.

Colin Stokes keynotes focus on the need for film and media to be more progressive, to expand beyond white male heroes, princesses and other cultural archetypes to create better role models for the children who watch.

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