Conrad Wolfram

Conrad Wolfram


The presentations by Conrad Wolfram address a critical pedagogic issue. As a technologist and information technology expert, Wolfram has taken note of a pervasive disconnect between the way math is taught in the classroom and the way it is applied in the real world. Students are becoming increasingly disenchanted with mathematics, bringing about a concerning quantitative gap within society.

The noble cause now pursued by Wolfram steams from his education. Born in the UK, Wolfram attended Cambridge University where he eventually attained an MA in the fields of natural science and mathematics. He later went on to found his own company entitled Wolfram Research Ltd. which brought about his role as Strategic and International Director of the organization in 1996.

Wolfram's presentations reveal his committed dedication to the reform of mathematical instruction. His belief in the need to incorporate computers into educational settings led to his formation of, where he has remained true to merger of technology with learning.

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