Cynthia Kenyon

Cynthia Kenyon

Molecular Biologist, Biogerontologist

Keynotes by Cynthia Kenyon make complex scientific phenomena both understandable and relevant to a wide variety of viewers.

A graduate in biochemistry and chemistry from the University of Georgia, Kenyon went on to get her PhD from MIT in 1981. In addition to her impressive educational background, Kenyon has also worked as a professor for the American Cancer Society and the University of California, San Francisco. Kenyon's most notable and well-documented work is related to her study of worms and their genetic aging. Kenyon's work is held in quite high regard, and she has been awarded with honors including the King Faisal Prize for Medicine and the La Fondation IPSEN Prize.

Influential, well-researched and regarding a topic that many are invested in, keynotes by Cynthia Kenyon are incredibly meaningful to the future of biology.

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