Cynthia Schneider

Cynthia Schneider

American Diplomat

Speeches by Cynthia Schneider delve into issues regarding cultural icons all around the world, drawing from her experience as an American Diplomat.

Cynthia Schneider received a bachelor and doctorate degree in Fine Arts from Harvard University and then took a position as assistant curator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Staying within the arts realm, she became an Associate Professor of Art History at Georgetown University. She then moved onto assuming the role as Ambassador for the Department of Sate to the Netherlands. Her work has been recognized as she was given the awards of Office of the United States Secretary of Defense Exceptional Public Service Award and the Felvo Award, both in 2001, her last year in the position.

She is currently an Advisory Board member at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and a professor at Georgetown University.

The speeches by Cynthia Schneider reveal her expertise on international affairs, giving important insights into cultures of different nations around the world.

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