Damon Horowitz

Damon Horowitz

Google Director of Engineering

Damon Horowitz's keynotes centre around the need for education. Beyond traditional education, Horowitz calls for increased access to education in prisons -- creating a lasting change both in behaviour and ability of inmates in the present and to find jobs later.

Having worked as a professor at Stanford, NYU, University of Pennsylvania and San Quentin State Prison, Horowitz has a unique skill set that allows him to teach philosophy, cognitive science and computer science.

At Google, Horowitz functions as its In-House Philosophy and Director of Engineering. Previous to his work with Google, Horowitz worked at Aardvark, which he co-founded and worked as CTO at. No stranger to entrepreneurship, Horowitz built Perspecta (later bought by Excite), NewsDB (became Daylife) and acted as lead architect for Novation Biosciences (bought by Agilent).

Damon Horowitz's keynotes emphasize the ever-increasing value of education in the world today.

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