Dan Dennett

Dan Dennett


Dan Dennett's keynotes do an excellent job of debunking human desires. His scientific examination of why and how individuals find certain phenomena sweet, sexy, cute and funny unmasks a wealth of evolutionary data. Dennett believes that these findings are not culturally learned, but are rather the result of historical developments.

Dennett's theories are consistent with his current position as Co-Director of Austin B. Fletcher's Center for Cognitive Studies and as a professor with Tufts University. His intensive focus upon evolutionary biology and cognitive science were recognized by way of the Fulbright Fellowship and his 2012 receipt of the Erasmus Prize.

The keynotes delivered by Dennett are packed with scientific knowledge, largely a product of his lengthy education. In 1963 he graduated with a B.A. from Harvard University where he specialized in philosophy. He later went on to receive his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford in 1965.

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