Dan Harris

Dan Harris

Journalist, New Anchor, TV Personality

The Dan Harris keynotes disclose valuable information he has gathered over his years of journalism experience.

Harris attended Colby College, an institution located in Waterville, Maine. Upon graduating in 1993, Harris became an anchor for WLBZ, effectively beginning what would become a long, successful career. In 2000, Harris joined the team at ABC News, where he continues to report world news. Harris is also an anchor for the network's esteemed program Nightline. He has covered important world events, such as catastrophic natural disasters, mass shootings and the ongoing warfare in Iraq. However, he is most invested in reportage about matters of faith, specifically the Evangelical movement.

Harris was promoted to co-anchor of Good Morning America's weekend edition, replacing fellow anchor Bill Weir. He is also the author of 100% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head Without Losing My Edge.

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