Dan Savage

Dan Savage


The Dan Savage keynotes address the issue of bad advice. While many tend to give out ill-advised recommendations without too much thought, Savage has delved into the implications of tid bits he has dished out in the passed. And though he is well aware of the flaws in his logic today, he draws attention to the lessons he has learned from his experiences.

The frequently requested Dan Savage keynotes coincide with his reputable career and education. His studies in theater and history at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign eventually led to his in-depth exploration of the former field as the founder of the Greek Active Theater in Seattle.

Savage's focus upon the gay community aided him in his development of 'Savage Love,' otherwise known as his relationship column with The Onion. Savage Love's address of both heterosexual and homosexual concerns has broadened the scope of advice journalism.

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