Daniel Scheinman

Daniel Scheinman

Senior Vice President at Cisco Media Solutions Group

The keynotes by Daniel Scheinman talk about the development of the digital industry, touching upon the revolutionary nature of the Internet and how the corporate world is affected as a result.

Scheinman received a bachelor's degree from Brandeis University before moving onto the Duke University School of Law to acquire a jurisprudence degree . After graduating in 1988, he became an associate at DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary, where he stayed for three years.

The bulk of Scheinman's career was at Cisco. He started out as a general counsel before climbing the ladder to become the Senior Vice Preside of Corporate Development. In managing mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliance and venture investment, he headed the extension of Corporate Development's markets in India and China. He then became the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Media Solutions Group.

He is currently still at Cisco and he also sits on the board for tango.com, zoom.us, Green Wave Reality and Arista Networks Inc..

By drawing upon lengthy career experience managing the corporate side of digital development, the keynotes by Daniel Scheinman give unique insight into the industry.

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