Daron Acemoglu

Daron Acemoglu

Writer, Professor, Co-Editor

Daron Acemoglu's speeches explore how intellectual property affects the areas of innovation. Acemoglu believes that intellectual property and innovation are linked as they encourage and push individuals to create new cutting-edge concepts.

Acemolgu, who was born in Turkey and raised the State, holds his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of York, UK and his Master's of Science degree in Economics and Mathematical Economics. He went on to earn his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. Acemolgue is one of the '10 Most Cited Economists in the World' and was the winner of the 2005 'John Bates Clark Medal.' He also received the 'Charles P. Kindleberger Professor of Applied Economics Award.'

He is currently the Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics at MIT. Prior to this position, Acemolgu was a lecturer in economics at the LSE. Acemolgu is a member of the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research's 'Economic Growth Program,' in addition to the 'National Bureau of Economic Research.'

Acemoglu is also the co-editor of 'Econometrica, Review of Economics and Statistics' and the 'Journal of Economic Growth.' His extensive work was featured in the 'Journal of Political Economy' and the 'Journal of the European Economic Association.'

Through examining the relationship between intellectual property and innovation, Daron Acemoglu's speeches look at the laws that some consider to be hindering advancements.

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