Darren Foreman

Darren Foreman

Musical Performer

London-based musical performer Darren Foreman has given speeches on the capabilities of the human voice, as well as looping technology. Foreman also goes by the name 'Beardyman.' Foreman is known for his beat-boxing skills and for creating a looping machine called the 'Beardytron_5000.'

Foreman studied at the University of Sussex and later went on to pursue his musical interests. Most of his musical creations contain elements of the dance music genre. Foreman incorporates techno, drum, bass and "dubstep" into many of his works.

Back in 2011, Foreman released a debut album called 'I Dun A Album', which lead to touring and performing on big stages around the world. Foreman happily demonstrates what the human voice is capable of in his keynotes.

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