Daryl Collins

Daryl Collins

Co-Author of 'Portfolios of the Poor'

The Daryl Collins keynotes shed a sobering light about the financial diaries of the poor, crushing previous preconceptions about their inability to handle money.

Collins received both bachelor's and master's degrees at the London School of Economics. She then began a career with Lehman Brothers as an equity strategist. After about 10 years at the company she left to investigate the money management systems of 'the poor'. This move began her Financial Diaries project. While doing research, she was based in the finance departments in the University of Cape Town where she co-wrote a book called 'Portfolios of the Poor'.

She is currently a senior executive at the Bankable Frontier Associates in Boston.

By overturning a scarcely explored topic, the Daryl Collins keynotes give insightful comments on how to provide those with low-income the proper tools to better manage their finances.

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