Dave Cieslewicz

Dave Cieslewicz


The Dave Cieslewicz speeches on bicycles as a vehicle for social change mention an initiative in Wisconsin to have 20% of transportation be bicycles by 2020. The Democrat politician is the former mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, from 2003 to 2011. He also attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an undergraduate student.

Before becoming mayor, Dave Cieslewicz worked at land use advocacy organization '1000 Friends of Wisconsin' as the executive director. As far as political experience goes, he was also previously a Wisconsin State Legislature staffer, Nature Conservancy lobbyist and Dane County Board of Supervisors elected member. In 1992 the speaker ran against Tammy Baldwin in a race for the state Assembly.

The Dave Cieslewicz speech mentions he is now the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bike Federation.

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