Dave Meslin

Dave Meslin

Community Organizer

Speeches by Dave Meslin are thought-provoking on issues like the cultural barriers in our society that inhibit change and promote apathy within the general population.

Meslin, Toronto-based, co-founded Spacing Magazine and then created the WhoRunsThisTown project in 2006. Later, he founded the Toronto Cyclists Union as well as started started another magazine -- Dandyhorse Magazine. Recent projects include curating the Fourth Wall exhibit, which reflects on issues of local politics in Toronto. Meslin is currently a community organizer, promoting his thoughts on political change, cycling reform, and public space issues through his blog.

He has written a book called 'Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto.'

As an active member of the political community in Toronto, the speeches by Dave Meslin spark passionate dialogue about changing social norms and becoming more action-focused as members of a thriving city.

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