David Alexrod

David Alexrod

Political and Senior Advisor to Barack Obama

The keynotes by David Alexrod are thought-provoking, and inspire graduates to pursue their dreams. With the standard career path changing, Alexrod pushes graduates to know the risks, and strive for what makes them happy.

David Axelrod earned a degree in political science at the University of Chicago, and after became the youngest political writer for the Chicago Tribune. In 1984, his campaign management team earned Paul Simon a seat in the U.S. Senate, and later he helped out with numerous campaigns for the Democrats. David Axelrod has earned a national reputation for helping African-American politics, and he was an intergral member in assembling Obama's campaign management team that got him elected as U.S. Senator for Illinois. Axelrod ran Obama's media strategy when he ran for president, and Axelrod is known for his improvements to modern compaigning.

The keynotes by David Axelrod describe the concerns facing graduates today, and he reflects on his past experiences that let him accomplish his goals. This captivating speaker created his own career from the bottom up, and encourages young adults to do the same.

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