David Allen

David Allen

Founder and CEO of the David Allen Company

The keynotes by David Allen aim to spur people into prioritizing and taking responsibility of their commitments, providing great tips for those who often fall off the wagon.

Allen attended college at the New College of Florida for an undergraduate degree before studying American History at the graduate level at UC Berkeley. Since graduating, he has occupied over 35 different roles and positions. Most notablr, however, is his role as the founder of the David Allen Company, which is a consulting firm on productivity, leadership and coaching. He also founded Actioneer, which produces productivity tools for Palm Pilot.

Allen authored three titles including 'Getting Things Done,' which describes his overarching productivity program. He has been recognized by Forbes Magazing to be one of the top five executive coaches in America.

The keynotes by David Allen empower audiences to take control of their own time, focusing on encouraging pro-activity instead of passive action.

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