David Ben

David Ben

Co-Founder of Magiciana

The keynotes by David Ben urge audiences to examine their passion in the arts to find alternate and creative ways to solve problems.

Ben attended the University of Toronto for his BA degree. He proceeded to study at Western University for his LLB before finally finishing school at the London School of Economics, graduating with an LLM. He began his career in tax law but abandoned it in favor of pursing a more creative profession. And so Ben became a magician, serving as a member of London's Magic Circle and performing all over the world.

He has appeared on television shows and in documentaries that have aired on the A&E Network and CBC. Ben wrote four books including Advantage Play and Tricks, which focuses on pragmatic problem solving. Deviating a little from his career as a performer, he became a consultant for various entertainment projects in film and television, with the production of Tom Stoppard's Travesties by Soulpepper Theatre.

Currently Ben speaks on creativity and innovation. He co-founded and acts as art director of Magiciana, an organization that introduces people to the arts through magic.

As the keynotes by David Ben would reveal, the arts, specifically magic, have the to potential to unlock valuable skills in the world of problem-solving.

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