David Birch

David Birch

Director of Consult Hyperion

His work as the Director of Consult Hyperion, a firm that educates corporations and governments on electronic money and identity, is at the forefront of David Birch's keynote speeches.

A graduate of the University of Southampton, with a B.Sc in Physics, the consultant and author was cited by The Telegraph as being "one of the world’s leading experts on digital money," and his ideas have been published in media outlets such as the Parliamentary IT Review, Financial World and a ten-year long column called Second Sight for The Guardian.

He authored his own book on Digital Identity and is an ongoing contributor to SPEED and the Tomorrow’s Transactions blog.

David Birch's keynote speeches explore the way that online technologies are influencing the potential for identity theft and how doing business in an interconnected, digital world requires new measures to protect clients' personal information.

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