David Blaine

David Blaine

Illusionist, Magician

The David Blaine keynotes discuss how he is able to execute some of his most unbelievable magic tricks. As a world-famous illusionist, Blaine is known to have completed some of the most astonishing and unimaginable tasks. In the past he was able to hold his breath under freezing water for 17 minutes and survive on nothing but water for 44 days.

Brooklyn-born Blaine decided to pursue a career of magic the age of four after seeing a magician performing on a subway car. At the age of 13 Blaine was already entertaining at parties and at 19 he made his first television appearance. Blaine also creates, directs and produces 'Street Magic,' a television program that changed the way magic was portrayed in the media. He went on to release none more segments for the series.

Showing unbelievable potential and execution of life-threatening feats, the David Blaine keynotes suggest that anything is possible and can be achieved with dedication and persistence.

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