David Carson

David Carson

Chief Designer of David Carson Design, Inc.

The content contained in David Carson keynotes is both enlightening and motivational and of interest to graphic designers, typographers and any other creative individuals looking to explore the emotional significance attached to design in a technology driven world.

A graduate of San Diego State University, the prominent graphic designer attained a BFA in Sociology and has had his work featured in over 180 books and magazines around the world.

As the Chief Designer of his own company, David Carson Design, Inc., he has amassed an impressive client list that ranges from Microsoft and Toyota to Nine Inch Nails and Giorgio Armani.

His first book, entitled 'The End of Print,' is one of the highest selling graphic design books of all time and has sold over 200,000 copies to date. David Carson keynotes focus on the importance of engrossing oneself into their work to then be able to evoke an emotional response from the consumers and create something meaningful and inspirational.

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