David Damberger

David Damberger

New Product Development Strategy and Business Development Adviser

The David Damberger keynotes examine the failures that occur when development aid is implemented in third world countries. In particular, Damberger discusses situations where implemented technologies and projects stopped working as a result of minimal maintenance and attention by aid organizations.

Currently, Damberger is the New Product Development Strategy and Business Development Adviser at M-KOPA. Prior to this current position, Damberger was the Director of Southern African Programming for Engineers Without Borders Canada. In terms of his education, Damberger earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Business Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development from the University of Calgary. He also received his MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from University of Oxford's Said Business School.

Damberger received the Oxfrod 'Skoll Scholar' Scholarship and was named one of the 'Top 40 Alumni in University of Calgary History.' He also went on to co-found 'Ethical Ocean,' an online retail company that promotes the sale of ethical and fair-trade goods.

The David Damberger keynotes explain that governments should take responsibility for their projects to make sure their successful completion and integration into the community.

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